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Welcome to T.O.Westlake Karate Studio, where we have taken traditional karate teachings and infused them with a fun and contemporary twist. We take pride in providing our students with a safe and encouraging environment where they can learn martial arts, build self-confidence, discipline, and self-control, all while having a great time. Our family-centric approach reflects our focus on inclusivity and our desire to help each student on their journey towards achieving their full potential.




Established in 1974.Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa began his training with Chuck Norris in 1970.  In 1974 he opened the Tarzana Karate Studio, then later moved to Thousand Oaks, to open the first T.O/Westlake Karate studio in 1987.  His son, Justin Ichikawa (and T.O. Westlake head instructor), started his training when he was 3 years old in 1988. Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa earned his 9th Degree black belt in 2010, and Grandmaster Justin Ichikawa earned his 7th Degree black belt in 2015.

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