Chief Instructor

9th Degree Black Belt

Founder and chief instructor Dennis Ichikawa has been training in the martial arts for over 50 years. He started training at the Chuck Norris Karate Studio in 1970 and was promoted to the rank of black belt in 1973. Dennis opened up his first martial arts school, Tarzana Karate, in 1974. Fast forward 42 years and he now has over 900 Black Belts, he was promoted to the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt by Pat Johnson on February 11, 2011, and is presently owner and operator of T.O. Westlake Karate Studio with his son Justin.



Head Instructor

7th Degree Black Belt.

Justin Ichikawa started training in American Tang Soo Do at the age of 3 under the teachings of Great Grand Master Dennis Ichikawa. He promoted to black belt at age 7 in 1992 and has promoted to the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt. Currently, he is the co-owner and head instructor at the T.O. Westlake Karate  Studio.

Carisha Gudvi_edited.jpg


White Belt Lead Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt

Carisha Gudvi started training in American Tang Soo Do in 2010

and earned her Black Belt in 2013.

Through her love of the martial arts, she began teaching and is presently one of our finest beginner level instructors. Mrs. Gudvi leads an educational and fun class for all our beginning youth.

Danielle Walkes_edited.jpg


Beginner Adult lead Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt

Danielle Walkes started her training in American Tang Soo Do in July of 2010 at 37 years old. She has been an avid student and practitioner of the Tang Soo Do art.

Through her love of fitness and the martial arts she teaches a technical and high energy beginner adult class. You are sure to get a great work out and learn the fundamentals of American Tang Soo Do.