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We’re very excited to announce, the T.O. Westlake Karate Studio will be hosting it’s first ever “Online Studio Tournament!” Here’s how it works: There will be 3 forms divisions divided by rank. 1. Traditional forms 2. Weapons forms 3. Family forms Traditional forms) One of the students regular Tang Soo Do forms that they know and do for their White stripe. Weapons forms) Doing an already existing traditional form using a weapon instead of blocks and punches. We are asking that students get creative and find something in their home that could be used as a martial arts weapon. Instead of a sword it could be a lightsaber, or a yard stick. Instead of kamas they could use two spatulas or wooden cooking spoons. (Remember safety first). We will be working on weapons forms in class, for those that do not know how to use “weapons”. Family forms) The student will teach either a sibling, parent or the entire family one of their forms and they will all compete as one! This tournament will be done via Facebook. I will post an image with your division/ rank on it. You will then reply to that image with a video from your smart phone or tablet of your form. One submission only please and only submit your video under the post for your division. Then… We would like all parents/kids to comment on each of your fellow competitors videos (in your division only) something positive and good you saw in their performance. (Ie: Good power, great performance! Awesome kicks. Etc) You and your child and collaborate on a comment to leave for their fellow competitors. Then the parents can read back the comments to the competitor so they can hear all the good comments other competitors said about them. This is a way for everyone to feel good about themselves and instill positive feedback. The tournament will be held April 25th starting at 10am. I will send out a text reminding everyone when the tournament will begin. If you haven’t yet please follow our Facebook page ( ) that way you will be notified when your division submissions will begin. There is no time limit on posting, you can post on time, later that day, so don’t stress about it. We would really love to have our ENTIRE school involved. This is a way for us to stay connected in this quarantine and spread a little bit of love. Each participant will receive a medal for competing. The first day back to the studio, when all of this is over. Each participant will be welcomed back with their tournament medal, as sort of a welcome home token. There will be no charge for this event however, we are asking if anyone would like to please donate $20 towards the cost of supplies that would be very gracious of you. There will be a donation option on our website in the BOOK ONLINE tab. Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions, please feel free to text, email, or call us. Tang Soo!

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